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PAULA ESTHER SOLVEIRA LOSADA with registered office at RUA DA LAGOIÑA – NIGRAN 27, PONTEVEDRA and C.I.F./N.I.F. 34992845R, hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY. Updated as of 25/08/2023.

The use of this website implies knowledge and the express and full acceptance of the conditions set forth here, without prejudice to those particular conditions that may apply to service contracts carried out with the COMPANY.

The use of the website attributes the user status and implies full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice in the version published by the COMPANY at the same time the user accesses the page. The use of some services offered may be subject to their own specific conditions, which, as the case may be, replace and/or modify this Legal Notice. Therefore, prior to using the service, the user must also carefully read the corresponding specific conditions.

The content included on the website is accessible to the public with the purpose of providing information about products and services, as well as facilitating, where appropriate, access to other information from third parties and entities other than the COMPANY. These contents are provided in good faith, with information from external sources; due to this circumstance, some of the available data or texts may not be completely accurate or up-to-date, so the COMPANY will only be responsible for those directly originated by it.

Access to the website does not imply any type of guarantee, which is expressly refused by the COMPANY, regarding the suitability of the content included therein for the particular purposes of the person accessing it. Therefore, both access and the use that may be made of the information and content included on the website are carried out under the exclusive responsibility of the person who performs it, and the COMPANY will not respond in any case and in no way, neither for direct nor indirect damages, nor for consequential damages nor loss of profits, for the possible damages derived from the use of the accessible information and contents or access to other web pages or third-party contents through connections, links, or existing links. Likewise, the COMPANY will not be responsible in any case, not even indirectly or subsidiarily, for products or services provided or offered by other individuals or entities, or for content, information, communications, opinions, or statements of any kind originated or made by third parties and that are accessible through the web.

Likewise, the content of the personalized URLs for each of the clients who contract with the COMPANY any of the services offered and that imply the creation of said personal spaces will be the sole responsibility of the client and, consequently, the COMPANY will not respond in any case and to any extent, neither for direct nor indirect damages, nor for consequential damages nor loss of profits, for possible damages derived from the use of the information and content on said private pages, of which in most cases it will be completely unaware of its content.

All accessible content is subject to intellectual and industrial property rights of the COMPANY or other third-party holders thereof. The ‘own pages’ are also subject to intellectual property rights, in this case of its owner, a client of the COMPANY. Under no circumstances does access to these pages imply any type of waiver, transmission, or total or partial assignment of said rights, nor does it confer any right to use, alter, exploit, reproduce, distribute, or communicate publicly said content without the prior and express authorization, specifically granted for this purpose by the COMPANY or the third-party holder of the affected rights, subject to the right to view and obtain a private backup copy of such content, provided that said right is exercised in accordance with the principles of good faith and that in any case the “copyright” and other identifying data of the rights of the COMPANY or third-party holders of the same on such content remain unchanged in the eventual private backup copy, as well as that it is carried out without commercial purposes and exclusively for the personal information of the user.

The COMPANY reserves the right to temporarily suspend and without prior notice, the accessibility of its website due to the eventual need to perform maintenance, repair, update, or improvement operations thereof. Likewise, it reserves the unilateral right to modify the conditions of access to it, as well as the included contents. Access to the website is conditioned on the condition that a lawful and honest use is always made, under the principles of good faith and with respect in any case to the current legality and to the rights of the COMPANY itself and of third parties, and specifically to not carrying out any action (including the introduction or dissemination of “computer viruses”) that causes damages or unauthorized alterations of the contents or systems of any kind, accessible, as well as not to intervene or alter in any way emails from other users without their authorization, and, in general, not to carry out any action to the detriment of the COMPANY itself or third parties, whether by action or information contained.

The provision of services provided through the website has an indefinite duration. The COMPANY, however, is authorized to terminate or suspend them at any time, without prejudice to what has been provided in this regard in the corresponding specific conditions. If reasonably possible, the COMPANY will give prior notice of the termination or suspension of the provision of services.

The content that each visitor generates and enters on the COMPANY’s website is their sole responsibility, and it is their obligation to treat it responsibly and to comply at all times with the GDPR and, where appropriate, any new national and/or European regulations issued by the corresponding body. It will be the responsibility of the COMPANY to guarantee the security in the storage, communications, and protection of the data entered.

Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to the COMPANY. This statement reveals the practices of personal data protection on the COMPANY’s websites, including the type of information that is extracted, its use, and with whom it is shared. In accordance with current personal data security regulations, we inform you that the information you provide to the COMPANY will remain in our contact database with the future functionality of communicating the different offers and/or services that may be of interest to you, except unless you indicate otherwise.

In general, you can visit the COMPANY on the internet without identifying yourself and without revealing any confidential information. However, on some occasions, some type of personal data may be required of you. You may choose to provide the information that may be necessary to communicate, process an order, offer a subscription, etc. The intention is for you to know how this information is used and that you can access this privacy policy through an accessible link from where it is requested and from the menu options.

You have the right to access the information you have provided, rectify it if it is incorrect, and cancel it. Therefore, we ask you to communicate in writing to the COMPANY, or by email with your name, surnames, and address. The COMPANY guarantees the adoption of appropriate measures to ensure the confidential treatment of this data.

Efforts are made to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data. Therefore, appropriate technical and organizational measures have been applied. An effort will be made to respond promptly to your requests to correct inaccuracies in your personal information. For this purpose, it is necessary to return the message that contains the said inaccuracies to the sender with the details of the requested correction.

On certain occasions, anonymous information about visits may be stored to help provide better service through the use of various technologies, including so-called ‘cookies’. The COMPANY’s website includes a cookies notice that you will need to accept or cancel, depending on your will.

The COMPANY may collaborate with certain companies that help promote services and products. These entities may store and use anonymous information from visitors for this purpose.

The COMPANY may present a URL that will take the visitor to a personalized website. This type of link is easily identifiable and by clicking on it, you authorize the storage of information about your sessions, thus making it possible to offer you information that responds to your interests. If you do not want to use this, simply do not click on these links or URLs.